Collection: The Vide, Aude, Tace Ring


(Silver and Amethyst, 14K Gold and Sapphire)

The Vide, Aude, Tace Ring, a concept ring based upon Masonic symbolism encountered in the Fellowcraft degree and carried through the remainder of the Masonic journey. Also available with the United Grand Lodge of England motto - Vide, Audi, Tace.

Vide, Aude Tace is Latin and translates as Know, Dare, Be Silent. This is an old American Masonic motto from the 1700's, used during the revolution. It's related, but not identical to the United Grand Lodge of England's motto, which is Vide, Audi, Tace, or Know, Hear, Be Silent. We are proud to offer either motto on this ring style and we were the first to put "Vide, Aude, Tace" on a ring.

The Vide, Aude, Tace Ring was designed to be about the size of a standard class ring, with the triangular crest rising about 1/4" off the top of the finger, and 9/16" from the top of the compass to the point of the square, then the ring tapers down to 3/16" wide underneath the finger, with a band thickness at the bottom of 1/8". This style is available in several variations, with a Past Master's symbol, or with a "G" or "All Seeing Eye" or even an empty space in place of the stone.

(Silver with an All-Seeing-Eye)

Metaphysically blending the two columns usefully and beautifully, eventually finding a divine balance could be seen as one of the goals of a Master Mason. The Terrestial column (with the globe) symbolizes earth, the physical world, while the Celestial (star map) column represents the world of the spiritual, or the seat of God. It is suggested that Man's task on this earth is to take the best aspects of the physical world, i.e. the beauty of humanity/physicality, and merge them with the holy qualities of the spiritual/God thus creating the beauty that is life.

The architecture of the ring is thus: As the candidate seeks entry to the lodge, the pillar on the left is B:. (Strength), and the pillar on the right is J:. (To Establish). The SD describes that the left signifies strength and the world of the passions. The left is known as the "weaker" side of man, the physical aspect of our existence, our achilles heel, our downfall. B:., while perhaps the frailer side of man, is a strength, because without human soul and physical action, the beauty of sex and life wouldn't exist, and we would only live in a world of ideas. The pillar on the right represents the everlasting spiritual, or intellectual world, which can still function when the body is frail. The right side is the side of inner wisdom, a world of spiritual ideals. In the bridging or balance of the two pillars, beauty and love, humanity and balance are created.

The 3rd degree symbol is on the top of the ring. These same fellowcraft symbols of physicality and spirituality are visible in the interplay of the Square and Compass, B:. "the square", and J:. "the compass". Balance, or beauty, is to be found in the precise middle, as you reach the third degree. Which would be to say, the perfect blending of the two worlds leads to enlightenment, everlasting life.

The ring is also a symbolic "gateway" into the Temple of Masonry:

The candidate (or his finger!) travels through the center circle from the bottom of the square and compass, with B:. on the left and the J:. on the right, and the words "BE SILENT - TACE" above the doorway.

As he enters, on the side that has the terrestrial pillar, it says above: DARE - AUDE (act in the physical world) or AUDI (listen) and then, on the right side is the Jachin/Celestial pillar, with VIDE, or KNOW/SEE (knowledge of God, love and creation).


(Platinum with an Alexandrite)

In this way, the secret of the third degree is hidden in the symbols of the second degree, and we learn to "dare" to take action in the physical or listen to events, and "watch" and learn, knowing faith.

If the ring is worn flat side outwards, the public only sees the Latin for "silence", but you see either AUDE or VIDE, depending on which side hand it is worn. When it is on the right hand and you look down at your ring, you see "KNOW" and if it is on the left hand, you see "DARE" which in turn... takes us back to the pillars, as it corresponds with the message for that side of your body, B:. being left meaning "Dare" and J:. being right, meaning "know" with your spiritual intellect. If the ring is worn inwards towards oneself, as is a tradition, then the wearer gets the reminder of silence, and the public sees "dare" on your left side and know on your right, which also corresponds to the pillars.

(Rose Gold with a "G")

The Vide, Aude, Tace ring is designed for many years of service and is serial numbered and may also be engraved if you wish.