Collection: The Paul Revere Jewel

The Revere Jewel

Revere Sterling Silver14k Yellow

(Sterling Silver & 14K Yellow Gold)

Created for Bro. George Washington by Bro. Paul Revere, this jewel was on display at the George Washington Home National Park Service site, and was recently moved to the National Park Service museum in Morristown, New Jersey, where it is displayed with other works by Bro. Revere:

(A photo of the original jewel in a glass case)

The features of the jewel include, the Compass, Square, Level, Gavel, Trowel, Sun, Moon and Quadrant. We consider this to be a general decorative Masonic jewel rather than a strict "Past Master's" Jewel due to the inclusion of so many tools of the craft, so will present it as such.

silver reverse14K Gold Reverse

The rear of the jewel shows the third dimension of the composition)

The jewel is sized at 2" tall and 1 1/2" wide, is accompanied with a curb or rope chain and our velvet presentation box..

14k Yellow in Box

Breast Jewel

Also available in a "Breast Jewel" style.


If you would like to download and view a 7 megabyte video of this piece, please click here:

Revere Jewel Video