Collection: The Past Master's Jewel

The Blazing Sun with the Quadrant.

Symbols mastered by those who have risen to serve their lodge as Master. The Quadrant symbolizes the mastership of curves, complex geometry only learned on the journey as a leader of the craft, while the sun reflects the identity of God, and the light of knowledge now shining through to enlighten brothers still on the path.

Marks of distinction. Each piece has been sculpted carefully to create a heavy, quality Past Master's insignia with flowing flames on the reverse. Available in standard or "Quadrant Only" versions (Suitable for CA, NV, NY, KY, FL, GA, WY, and elsewhere.)

The large pendant is one of the heaviest in our collection, weighing about 15 grams in silver, and 20 grams in 14k gold. It is 1 1/4" in diameter and 3/16" thick.