Collection: The Lodge of Perfection

The "Lodge of Perfection"

The 14th degree of the Scottish Rite, with the ineffable Hebrew "yod", or the first letter of the ineffable name of God, rendered in 3 dimensions with the famous Lodge of Perfection motto inscribed "within the boundaries of the ring" on the sides.

"Virtus Junxit, Mors Non Separabit"


"Virtue Unites and Death Will Not Separate"

A Brother of 14th degree, completing the Scottish Rite symbolic lodge, learns that we should defend, assist, and encourage our brethren, be free from prejudice, intolerance, and envy, and always strive for what may seem unreachable perfection. We should strive for this in the same way that the sacred name of God is un-pronounceable, beyond our human comprehension, yet our faith continues.

The immutable and eternal nature of these Masonic virtues, and the brotherhood they inspire are symbolized in the divine protection of this simple gold band. You are encouraged to wear this ring and to bequeath it to your closest relative or friend, who should keep and treasure, but not wear it. (Bro. Albert Pike)

This ring is a 7/16" wide band all the way around, and then 1/16" thick in the center. Available in Sterling Silver, 14K or 18K Yellow or White Gold.

If you would like to download and view a short 3 megabyte video of this ring from all viewpoints, please click here:

Lodge Of Perfection Ring Video