Collection: The Archway Ring

Carved, winding Acacia leaves, a symbol of immortality, fill the sides of this ring while each profile is also ornamented with the Holy Ark of the Covenant, as featured in the Royal Arch degree.

The Ark symbolizes Gods enduring covenant with his people and is the repository of not only the Ten Commandments, but also contained Aaron's rod that budded miraculously, and a portion of Mannah from the journey of the Israelites while they wandered across the desert. The Ark is said to be kept in the Holy of Holies, the innermost sanctum of the Temple, guarded and maintained, honored as our own souls should be.

Upon the lid of the Ark are standing two figurative Angels guarding the tabernacle and providing what is known as the Mercy Seat, or "Seat of God". There are the traditional carrying rods on the sides and some decorative ornamentation on the item itself.

Above the Ark of the Covenant, the ring is crested by detailed stone masonry work - a complete oval Arch, topped by a Keystone, with the Square and Compass resting boldly on top.

Archway Masonic Ring Profile

This ring is a medium sized ring. It stands off the finger maybe 1/4" at the top of the crest.The Square and Compass crest is 5/8" tall from the top of the Compass to the bottom, and the Square is 9/16" wide from point to point. The ring is a solid back design and I just weighed a size 9 at 17 grams, it can go up or down depending on size.

Archway Profile

To see the ring in live action - click here to download a short 14 meg video: Archway Ring Video