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Welcome to The Master's Jewel.

See our fine Masonic Rings, Jewelry, and Freemason Pendants here in our catalog. All our Masonic jewelry is designed and hand made here in our own studio from the highest quality raw materials. We are purveyors of the finest quality original Masonic ring and jewel designs available. 

If you would like to receive our occasional email newsletter announcing new items, please create a customer account at our website by clicking here Check out our YOUTUBE video page to see some jewelry being made!

In regards to a printed catalog - send us your physical mailing address and we will happily mail you our latest 20 page jewelry catalog. (Volume 2 printed March 2011) 

Email to "" or click on the "Contact Us link" at the right to submit a catalog request.

In fact, if you have any questions at all, please feel free email us at:  or call us at: 661-242-2374

We are now running a schedule of casting in one and a half weeks for gold and silver rings. All of our silver Masonic pendants and cufflinks, etc are continually being restocked, so if we are occasionally out of something, it will be renewed in a few days.

Unique and meaningful Freemason Rings, Pendants, and Tuxedo Accessories. Our craftsmanship is completely guaranteed!

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You may also be interested in our collection of philosophical, esoteric and spiritual jewelry at:

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