Our Handcrafted Masonic Rings and Pendants are created with the highest Fraternal ideals in mind. If you are looking for a reason to choose our jewelry, here's fifteen:

  1. Designed in the Ancient Guild tradition
  2. Masonic Spirit and thought in each piece
  3. All Solid Precious Metals, and solid back rings
  4. Finest Quality Chains
  5. High Quality Genuine Gemstones
  6. Sincerity and Plain Dealing
  7. Lifetime Craftsmanship Warranty
  8. Cast and Polished in our studio
  9. Individual and Independent Masonic art
  10. Beautiful printed material included
  11. Each Masonic Ring is serial numbered and registered for posterity
  12. Your Ring or Jewelry is often made specifically to order
  13. Hand Lettered engraving available on rings and pendants
  14. Hand crafted by a Brother Freemason, who loves his work, is proud of his art, and is simply thrilled that you might be considering one of his pieces to represent your Masonic path
  15. Always fresh designs on the way!

Welcome to The Master's Jewel Masonic Ring and Jewelry Collection

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Right work, True work, Square work.

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We hope that our Freemason Rings and artistic Masonic Jewelry pieces are destined to become a family heirloom. Classic, primal, operative, and speculative works.

Well, what is a Freemason?

A Freemason is a member of the world wide "Fraternity of Freemasons", dedicated to giving good men the philosophical tools to make themselves better, using three basic tenets of: Brotherly Love, Relief, and Truth.

The Mystic Tie.
The Royal Art.
A Way of Life.

"I find nothing, but the jewel of his office..."

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